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There is no better place to learn about Marine Reserve than this collection of works by Bill.

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Ballantine_2004_MR_Manifesto_short 57.73 KB
Ballantine_2006_Need_for_Systems 163 KB Ballantine, W.J. and Langlois, T.J. 2007, Marine Reserves : The need for systems. Shows the scientific benefits of marine reserves and networks of marine reserves.
Ballantine_2014_NZ_MRs_50_years_on 1.07 MB Ballantine, W.J. 2014, Fifty years on: Lessons from marine reserves in New Zealand and principles for a worldwide network. Biological Conservation Volume 176, pages 297-307. This paper reviews 50 years of experience with marine reserves in New Zealand and attempts to extract from this the principles necessary for their successful establishment.
Langlois__Ballantine_2005_MRs_and_Predictive_Models 149.56 KB Langlois, T.J. and Ballantine, W.J. 2005, Marine Ecological Research in New Zealand: Developing predictive models though the study of marine reserves. Conservation Biology Volume 19, pages 1763-1770. Reviews 25 years of ecological studies in NZ marine reserves and the complex changes that have occurred in them.
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