Social Science and Community Engagement

List of publication covering the topics of consultation with community, social research and economic impacts of marine reserves.

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Sala_2013_MR_Business_Case 291.31 KB Economic analysis A valuable international reference looking at economic benefits of marine reserves.
CPD_2014_Net-advantage_Aust_Marine_reserves 141.61 KB Economic analysis Media Release, reports on Australian fishing’s competitive edge boosted by marine reserves
Dietz_2005_Values_and_environmentalism 208.76 KB Ecosystem valuation A significant international reference which attempts to define environmental values.
Thrush_et_al_2013_Valuing_NZ_estuaries_ 426.31 KB Ecosystem valuation A technical look at how we could place values on what estuaries contribute ecologically.
MacDiarmid_2013_Valuing_NZ_marine_ecosystems 2.43 MB Ecosystem valuation An important NZ work on this subject
Akiakitanga_-_Treaty 85.78 KB How to A DOC resource on understanding culture and partnership with Maori
ICUN_2007_PPGuidelines 93.78 KB How to ICUN manual on written as a general guideline to running a successful process
DOC_2003_From_Seed_to_Success_-_Introduction_and_Guidelines 237.76 KB How to A consultation in communities handbook, lots of useful ideas.
Akiakitanga_-_taonga_Whakakotahi 578.14 KB How to A DOC resource on understanding culture and partnership with Maori
DOC_2003_From_Seed_to_Success_-_Project_Guide 1.15 MB How to A consultation in communities handbook, lots of useful ideas.
DOC_2003_From_Seed_to_Success_-_Tool_Kit 1.36 MB How to A consultation in communities handbook, lots of useful ideas.
ICUN-2004-MPA4-Governance 768.86 KB How to ICUN manual on the critical role of governance in marine protected areas
DoC_2004_Building_Support_for_Marine_Protection 456.83 KB How to This was a handbook aimed at DOC teams around the country during the period where DOC was taking on the challenge of talking to communities about marine protection and proposing new marine reserves. Lots of worthwhile ideas on consultation.
ICUN-2004-MPA3-Social-Economic 822.78 KB How to ICUN manual on the role and importance and use of social economic information in marine protected area process
ICUN-2004-MPA2-Effectiveness 873.41 KB How to ICUN manual on the effectivenes of marine protected areas
ICUN-2004-MPA1-Evaluation 775.13 KB How to ICUN manual on the evaluation of marine protected areas
Stephenson_2012_Listening_to_the_kaitiaki 290.2 KB Iwi-hapu Dr Janet Stephenson from the 'Sustainability Research Group', Otago University explores the challenges we face in working in a truly bi-cultue approach. Janet offers recommendations, largely based on experience on the Otago coast.
Kerr_J_06_MRs__TOW 2.7 MB Iwi-hapu A legal analysis by former Kamo High School student Jessica Kerr who went on to become a lawyer - explores the issues raised by Maori in relation to marine reserves and offers some solutions. Law journal publication.
Kerr_2003_Brief_on_Iwi_submissions_to_the_MR_Bill 77.5 KB Iwi-hapu Advice paper to assist hapu partners in submitting to the MR Act Amendment Bill - explores changes needed to better involve Tangata whenua.
Clarke_Jason_2002_Secrets_of_the_Darkside 80.5 KB Marketing conservation Keynote Address NZ AEE 2002 Conference - Title: Secrets of the Darkside. A fascinating and challenging look at what conservationist can learn from the world of marketing and communications theory
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