Social Science and Community Engagement

List of publication covering the topics of consultation with community, social research and economic impacts of marine reserves.

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Warren_2005_Stakeholder_views 188.1 KB Opinion Survey A valuable research report on public opinion on marine conservation and marine reserves.
Eddy_2014_marine_protection_in_NZ 595.52 KB Opinion survey Excellent reference on attitude surveys looking at how New Zealanders feel about marine conservation in NZ.
Taylor__Buchenham_2003_Social_Impacts_of_MRs 208.1 KB Opinion survey A significant public opinion survey study of how New Zealanders view marine conservation and marine reserves
WWF_2011_nz_attitudes_marine_conservation 1.59 MB Opinion survey A significant polling of public opinion from WWF on marine conservation in New Zealand with some surprising and important results. This study is examined in detail in the (Eddy 2014) paper also listed in this directory.
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