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The benefits

"Marine reserves are addictive and can affect your health. People who have them do not want to give them up. They start clamoring for more. The side effects are serious. People infected with the idea become interested, enthusiastic, active, knowledgeable, healthy and impatient with silly arguments and no-hopers. They start talking about "10% of everything" and "We want them now". In the end they become determined, convincing and unstoppable. This process has already started."

Bill Ballantine
Photo: Darryl Torckler

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Why marine reserves?

Northland Dive crayfish

Biodiversity, scientific benchmarks, education and inspiration, economic, social and fisheries benefits

How do we do it?

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Strategy, timelines, community consulation, area design, preparing a proposal and lots more.

What other tools are there?

rahui signage 186a closure

Local fisheries management, customary tools, marine parks, benthic protection areas

Use this resource and become a part of NZ's marine conservation legacy.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”

 Margaret Mead, anthropologist

About us

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Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust the organisation behind Experiencing Marine Reserves and Whitebait Connection education programmes

Latest news

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NZ Geo's recent article "Taking on Water", a summary of the current state of marine conservation in NZ

Education resources

marine education darryl torkler

Links to excellent marine education websites

Our resource library

marine reserve application

Lots of great information in here, previous reserve applications, marine reserve science reports

Case studies

cape rodney

Marine reserves and proposals, MPA and RMA processes and more

Essential viewing - marine reserves 101 - part 1
Essential viewing - marine reserves 101 - part 2

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