Traditional Management

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How we manage our coastal waters and how we restore and conserve our fish stocks is a very big challenge for New Zealand. There is no part that can be undertaken without consideration and respect for our Polynesian history. Currently a great emphasis is being placed on cultural learning and restoration of tikanga of coastal hapu and the practice of Kaitiakitanga. We are undoubtedly as a nation going through a process of understanding and appreciating the Treaty of Waitangi obligations and opportunities.

In the Other Tools section of this site we have three pages that specifically address the role of Hapu and Iwi in marine protection and management;
The Treaty of Waitangi and Marine Reserves
Fisheries Act Customary Tools
Supporting Traditional Management

There are other important examples appearing in our Case Studies section.

To dig deeper in this topic we have prepared an archive of (34) documents which cover a wide range of topics relating to Traditional Management. On the download page there is a column of notes which can guide your use of these documents. This is by no means a complete treatment of what is a very large topic but it is a start, with selections looking at some of the key projects from overseas and examples of work and writings done here in New Zealand. 

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btf4Shark harvest in Whangarei Harbor, once an important traditional resource and practice

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