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List of publications about Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Management from around the Pacific and New Zealand

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Bess_2007_Spatial_Conflicts.pdf 378.9 KB NZ A former senior MinFish officer comments on his view of the issues around spatial conflict between different management approaches such as customary management and marine reserves
MPI_2013-05-Maketu_Taiapure_IPP.pdf 5.26 MB NZ A discussion paper looking at proposed fisheries regulations for the Maketu Taiapure, focus is on paua and mussels
Wai22_1981_muriwhenua_fishing_claim.pdf 1.65 MB NZ The landmark Treaty of Waitangi report on the significance, history and practice of Maori fishing, set in the Far North of New Zealand
UBC_2015_PreliminaryReconstructionNewZealand.pdf 851.32 KB NZ A research paper which grapples with the challenge of accurately re-constructing catch histories in New Zealand water, discusses magnitude and implications of this incomplete history
Turei_2007Metiria_Maori_Fisheries_Conference.doc 50.5 KB NZ Green MP Metiria Turei present to the fishing industry, useful and forceful presentation of conservation values and a proposed course of action
Te_Au_O_Morunga_2003_Aquaculture.doc 30.5 KB NZ A local scale aquaculture proposal and plan prepared by a kaumatua group representing coastal hapu of Whangaruru in Northland
Te-Korowai-brochure_2016.pdf 1.88 MB NZ Introduction to the Kaikoura marine management system and project
Stephenson_2012_Listening_to_the_kaitiaki.pdf 290.2 KB NZ Exploration of the potential of partnership and cooperations between western science and local traditional knowledge systems, reports on partnership work going on in the Otago region
Smith_2011_Maori_midden_marine_changes.pdf 621.9 KB NZ A significant archealogical study looking at changes in marine life over time based on midden remains. The study areas were the greater Hauraki Gulf and Otago coast
Nga_Ngaru_2000_TOHEROA_REPORT.DOC 1.19 MB NZ A Northland toheroa survey report carried out by a local kaitiaki group in the Hokianga
Nga_Motu_MR_Society_2001_Marine_Management_Options.doc 2.94 MB NZ An example of the information publications produced by the community based support group of the Nga Moti Marine Reserve
MinFish_TEK_fact_sheet.RTF 23.69 KB NZ A fact sheet from MinFish summarising some key traditional fisheries practices
Mason_2002_Customary_Fishing_and_Reserve_Establishment.doc 239.5 KB NZ A legal discussion paper exploring the the issues around customary management, the Treaty and marine reserves
Marsden_1992_Kaitiakitanga.pdf 188.16 KB NZ A classic work by a renown Kaumatua exploring the meaning of the Kaitiakitanga (guardianship)
Marine_Resources_Iwi_04.pdf 1.9 MB NZ A introductory study looking at marine resources in Northland
Maori_Land_Court_2005_Akaroa_Taiapure_decision.pdf 5.61 MB NZ An important case study, discusses the design and issues around the setting up of a Taiapure in Akaroa Harbour
Kerr_J_06_MRs__TOW.pdf 2.7 MB NZ A law journal paper on the legislations, and Treaty implications regarding marine reserves. Jessica Kerr the author is a former Kamo High School student and currently a Magistrate in Seychelles Islands
Booth_2016_BOI_midden_analysis.pdf 1016.19 KB NZ A fascinating study of midden contents and significance to marine resources and management in the Bay of Islands. One of the few studies which attempts to look in detail a the history of human use of marine resources.
Kerr_A_2006_Taonga_and_the_Treaty.doc 196 KB NZ A useful paper from a law student involved in marine reserves examining issues around the Treaty in relation to marine reserves, the author Arla Kerr is a former Kamo High School student who played a key role in their marine reserve project. Arla is currently practicing law in London.
DOC_2016_MPA_BILL_doc.pdf 3.3 MB NZ A public discussion document introducing the Government intentions around the new marine protection legislation they are say they are wanting to introduce to Parliament.
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