Marine Reserve Application and Discussion Documents

A list of past marine reserve Applications (formal process under the Marine Reserves Act) and Proposal and Discussion documents used in community engagement and consultation processes. Note: some documents are listed here in Word formation as well as PDF to facilitate your own document preparation.

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DoC_2004_GBI_Marine_Reserve_Application.pdf 1.14 MB Application Approved by DOC, declined by MPI on the basis of customary fishing objection. No attempt was made to negotiate a solution. Very little explanation or evaluation of this case was ever made public. It was not challenged in court
Doc-2006-Akaroa-MR-Application-part.pdf 418 KB Application Successful but only after a long drawn effort and challenge of DOC decision to uphold objections successfully taken to the High Court
Forest__Bird_2002_Taputeranga_Application.pdf 3.56 MB Application Successful Wellington marine reserve application
Forest__Bird_Taputeranga_Marine_Reserve_Application.doc 661 KB Application Successful marine reserve application
Glenduan_to_Ataata_Point_Marine_Reserve_Application.doc 229 KB Application Successful marine reserve application
NZUA_2002_Tiritiri_Matangi_Draft_Marine_Reserve_Application.doc 181 KB Application This was an application prepared in draft formed but never notified mainly due to lack of support from DOC
Te_Tapuwae_o_Rongokako_Application_1999.pdf.pdf 1.25 MB Application Marine reserve application done in partnership between the Hapu and DOC, successful
Whangarei_Harbour_Marine_Reserve_Application.doc 479 KB Application Successful marine reserve application produced by Kamo High School students
Whangarei_Harbour_Marine_Reserve_Application.pdf 5.98 MB Application Successful marine reserve application produced by Kamo High School students
Makey_2005_Doubtless_Bay_Report_lr2.pdf 5.87 MB Discussion document A community engagement document from the Doubtless Bay Marine protection group has not lead to any further proposals
Nga_Motu_Draft_Discussion_Document.doc 1.8 MB Discussion document Community engagement discussion document campaign that led to successful marine reserve application
Otago_Forum_2016_consultation-document-v2_lr3.pdf 2.82 MB Discussion document Info and community consultation document supporting the Otago south coast MPA Forum, recommendation currently before the Ministers
DoC_2002_Marine_Reserves_Handbook_for_Applicants.pdf 315.67 KB How to Excellent resource
ARC_2005_Tawharanui_MR_Discussion.pdf 824.45 KB Proposal Successful was previously a Marine Park with full no take rule under the Fisheries Act
DoC_2003_GBI_MR_Proposal.pdf 574 KB Proposal Lead to Application which was unsuccessful, approved by Minister of Conservation and not concurred by MPI. DOC did not challenge the decision
DoC_2004_Mimiwhangata_Proposal.pdf 1.56 MB Proposal A partnership project between DOC and a local hapu, had good support but DOC withdrew from the project coinciding with the release of the MPA policy in 2006
FB_2003_Aucklands_West_coast_Proposal.pdf 1006 KB Proposal Forest and Bird driven Community engagement discussion document
Fish-Forever-BOI_Consultation-Document_May-2014.pdf 3.93 MB Proposal A public engagement and proposal campaign carried out in the Bay of Islands by community group Fish Forever, was well supported by had not gone on to application stage
NZUA_2003_Tiritiri_Matangi_Proposal_lr.pdf 1.25 MB Proposal Proposal which was part of consultation process had good support but also objections mainly from recreational fishing sector
KHS_Proposal_Dec_2001.pdf 795.32 KB Proposal Proposal document for the Whangarei Harbor marine reserve project lead by Kamo High School students
FiordMarManBill.pdf 119.56 KB Special Legislation A early forum process promoted by fishing interests for Fiordland ending in special legislation to establish marine reserves and rules
Kerr_2014-Waewaetorea-Maunganui-Boundaries-Reviewed.pdf 3.09 MB support document A Fish Forever report supporting the Proposal campaign
Mimiwhangata__Boundary_Report.pdf 2.92 MB support document Report support the Mimiwhangata proposal campaign

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