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List of Government policy and legislation related to marine protection and marine reserves. Includes key supporting and informaiton documents

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Akaroa_vs_DOC_2012_H_court_decision 2.46 MB A key decision in the High Court which overruled DOC's original decision to reject the application. Important clarification on weight of public interest in considering objections
Ballantine_2004_MR_Manifesto 25.5 KB A great statement of the what needs to happen to establish and effective network of fully protected areas
Ballantine_2014_marine_reserves_50_years_reviewed_biol_conservation 1.07 MB This was Bill's last paper where he summarises what we have learned from our marine reserves, this report is very valuable as summary of principles as well as for the examples from our research on marine reserves presented
Banks_Skilleter_2010_MPA_Process_NZ_NSW_Compared 264.2 KB A significant review which compares and contrasts the experience of marine protection work and progress between New Zealand and NSW, Australia
Bess_2010_Balance_utilisation_and_protection 424.26 KB A discussion on the issues relating to competing objectives in conservation and utilisation of marine resources, largely coming from a fisheries management perspective
CBD_Tech_Bull_No_13 462.88 KB The key United Nations, ICUN document which sets out marine protection principles and design guidelines. NZ scientists made significant contributions to this working group
DOC_2016_MPA_BILL_doc 3.3 MB The Government discussion document introducing the new legislation the Government intends to introduce to Parliament
DOC_MinFish_2007_MPAPolicyandImplementationPlan 820.47 KB The current Government policy document covering the Government's position on how we will implement our marine protection goals
DoC_2000_Northland_Marine_Strategy 36 KB In the period between 1999 and 2005 Northland Conservancy of DOC and the Northland Conservation Board produced a marine protection policy and program to implement a network of marine reserves in Northland, this is one of the documents which guided that effort
DoC_2002_Building_Community_Support_for_Marine_Protection 134.29 KB A useful guide on consultation with communities produced during the period when DOC was actively involved in promoting and developing new marine reserve proposals
DoC_2002_Decision_of_Minister_on_Te_Matuku_marine_reserve 68 KB The formal report recommending the approval of the Te Matuku marine reserve on Waiheke Island
DoC_2002_Marine_Reserves_Handbook 315.67 KB DOC's guide to applicants on how to prepare for a marine reserve application, quite comprehensive and detailed
Grace_2006_DVNZ0602_MPA_Policy 157.5 KB A Dive NZ article written by Roger Grace discussing the implications of current policy on marine protected areas and what it means for marine reserves and conservation in NZ
Kerr_2003_Brief_MR_Management_Committees 43.5 KB An advice paper prepared by Vince Kerr for Northland DOC on customary management, covers the basics
Kerr_2003_Brief_on_Iwi_submissions_to_the_MR_Bill 77.5 KB An advice paper prepared to assist maori groups who were preparing submissions to 2002 Marine Reserves Amendment Bill, explores recommendations on what needs to happen to successfully engage maori in Northland
Kerr_2003_MR_Bill_Submission 54.5 KB V Kerr submission to 2002 Marine Reserves Amendment Bill, looks at solutions to the slow progress in Northland to gain support for marine reserves
MR_Bill_Policy_Background_and_Key_Features 109.95 KB summary document explaining what is in the 2002 Marine Reserves Amendment Bill
Marine_Reserves_Bill_2002 267.48 KB The 2002 Marine Reserve Amendment Bill which was stalled in select committee and is now incorporated into the current proposed Marine Protection Bill which has not yet made it to Parliament
MinFish_and_DoC_2003_Marine_Reserves_Protocol 248 KB A protocol policy document which details how the two Government Departments DOC and at that time MinFish will work together around marine protection and establishment of marine reserves
New_Zealand_Biodiversity_Strategy_2000 3.36 MB Our ground breaking Biodiversity Strategy from 2000, a reading of the objectives begs the question - what are we doing for marine biodiversity?
Parliamentary_Commissioner_for_the_Environment_Report 1.04 MB Excellent detailed report highlight urgent issues in the marine environment and a call to action
THE_MARINE_RESERVES_ACT_1971 118 KB The actual text of the Act, useful to refer to when sorting out technical or legal details in the process
The_Legislation_in_a_Nutshell 58.5 KB Summary of marine legislation
Weeber_2002_What_is_a_Protected_Area_May 67.5 KB An information paper prepared by Barry Weeber for Forest and Bird, which delves into the detail of the language of MPA policy and what it means on the ground in terms of actually achieving marine biodiversity protection and restoration

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