Marine Reserve Science

A list of science publications on the marine ecological studies focused on marine reserves. This is a small representative selection the existing literature on this topic. In adddition to this collection there are three further achives in this Libray cover specifically the topics of Habitat Mapping, Marine Reserve Design and the works of Dr Bill Ballantine. You can download individual papers or select several to download in a Zip folder  

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Willis_et_al._site_fidel_NZJMFR_01 1.15 MB NZ A study of fish behaviour and use of territories in a marine reserve
Willis_et_al_2003_Protect_of_Exploited_species 344 KB NZ Overview report looking at the benefits of marine reserve in NZ
Edger_et_al_2017_multi-level_trophic_effects_of_MR_protection_NZ 4.3 MB NZ Multi-site ecological survey of marine reserves in northern NZ, part of a much larger international study and methodology
Freeman_et_al_2012_lobster_recovery 590.87 KB NZ A key crayfish research project in Gisborne area looking at the recovery taking place in the Te Tapuawae o Rongokako Marine Reserve
Davidson_2001._Changes_in_behaviour_of_Blue_Cod_Marlborough_Sounds 322 KB NZ Marlborough Sounds blue cod study
Kerr__Grace_2002_Mimiwhangata_Deep_Reef_draft_report 2.05 MB NZ Marine habitat map
Shears_and_Babcock_2007_Quantitative_Description_of_habitats 3.13 MB NZ Technical paper quantifying and describing habitats of northern shallow rocky reefs
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