Marine Reserve Design

List of New Zealand and international publications covering many aspects of the design of marine reserves and networks of marine reserves.

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Ballantines_Scale_example 1.55 MB NZ An illustrated example drawn by Bill showing the importance of presenting information at different mapping scales
Kerr_2017_MPA_Network_Design_Guidelines_vers_2 363.13 KB NZ In this advice paper international best practice is summarised and compared to our MPA policy. Principles of design are re-visited and a list of practical and ecological considerations is provided.
Jackson_2014_Marxan_Use_Hauraki_Gulf_priortisation 3.68 MB NZ A research paper completed by and Auckland University student which examines the design of a network of marine reserves for the Hauraki Gulf utilising the Marxan GIS based modeling software. Very useful demonstrations of the utility of this tool.
DOC_2011_Gap_Analysis_marine-protected-areas 1.02 MB NZ A GIS analysis based on available marine habitat information layers and the habitat representation criteria laid down in the Marine Protected Areas Policy and Implementation Guideline. This work was completed by Dr Dan Breen for the DOC.
Grace_2015_SeaSketch_Network_Proposal_Hauraki_Gulf 5.91 MB NZ A submission prepared by Dr Roger Grace for the Hauraki Gulf Spatial Plan. Roger puts forward a number of proposed areas for full protection for the process to consider. Also good example of use of Seasketch
Tiritiri_Matangi_Proposed_Boundaries 621.5 KB NZ Proposal maps for Tiritiri Matangi discussion document, good example of consideration of different options
Thomas_Shears_2013_FB_MPA_network_design 2.11 MB NZ A NZ based review of design considerations for marine reserves and networks of marine reserves
Leathwick_et_al_2008_novel_methods_design_and_evaluation_of_offshore_MPAs 560.08 KB NZ In this report the effectiveness and utility of decision support software in marine protected area planning is illustrated with and offshore large scale analysis
Kerr__Grace_2015_Habitats_of_proposed_Waewaetorea_marine_reserve 1.53 MB NZ A fine scale habitat map of the proposal for a marine reserves in the eastern Bay of Islands, includes analysis of kina barren areas and discussion of this threat to the local ecology
Leathwick_2006_Use_of_Software_MPA_Design 2.41 MB NZ An example of the use of decision support software and modeling to assist the design of offshore marine reserves taking into consideration impacts on fishing - excellent example
Kerr_2014-Waewaetorea-Maunganui-Boundaries-Reviewed 3.09 MB NZ A report for the BOI Fish Forever group evaluation the practical and ecological values of the boundaries chosen for their proposed marine reserves
Kaiora_Proposal_Map 174 KB NZ The proposal map of Te Tapuwae O Rongokako marine reserve showing options that were originally put to the community
DOC_2005_Mimiwhangata__Boundary_Report 2.92 MB NZ Detailed report evaluating the proposed boundaries of the Mimiwhangata marine proposal in 2005, good practical example
Gladstone_2006_Requiements_for_MPAs 237.03 KB International Review paper based on global experience evaluating design of marine reserve networks
Breen-et-al-2009_RAP_Network_design 404.67 KB International Author Dan Breen did his PhD in the use of decision support software in marine protection planning this is a follow up paper done with senior Australian colleagues providing a background on this important field of work and tools
Gell_2003_MR_Boundary_Benefits 178.49 KB International One of the best review papers we have that looks at the what happens ecologically at marine reserve boundaries and makes recommendations for design
PISCO_2002_Science_of_Marine_Reserves 2.78 MB International Global view of marine reserves, states need and benefits in a simple but effective manner
Palumbi_2003_Pop_Genetics__MR_Design 202.61 KB International Fascinating background paper which introduces the threat of genetic degradation as a result of continued bulk fishing and how this relates to design considerations and the need for a network of marine reserves
Roberts_2003_Eco_Criteria_for_MR_Desing 178.92 KB International An analysis of what is working in marine protected area planning and what is needed for the future, examines the importance of setting goals
Shanks_2003_Larval_Dispersal__MR_design 149.28 KB International A technical paper drawn from work done in the Pacific Northwest which explores the importance of larval dispersal in relation to design of marine reserve networks
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