Marine Reserve Science

A list of science publications on the marine ecological studies focused on marine reserves. This is a small representative selection the existing literature on this topic. In adddition to this collection there are three further achives in this Libray cover specifically the topics of Habitat Mapping, Marine Reserve Design and the works of Dr Bill Ballantine. You can download individual papers or select several to download in a Zip folder  

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Agardy_2001_Saving_the_Seas_Speech 201.95 KB International General reference from global perspective
Banks_2008_Identification_Intertidal_Marine_Reserves 2.42 MB International A study that looks at the systematic design of network of marine reserves set in the context of the NSW coast, Australia
Bohnsack_1999_Incorprating_MRs_in_Fish_Man 97.19 KB International A significant international report that looks at the benefits of incorporation marine reserves with conventional fisheries management
CPD_2014_Net-advantage_Aust_Marine_reserves 141.61 KB International A review of marine reserve ecological science research associated with marine protection in NSW, Australia
Castilla_et_al_2007_Recovery_of_Durvillea_inside_MR__Ecol_Appl 382.21 KB International Study of kelp forest recovery in a marine reserve
Conover_2001_Darwinian_Fishery_Science 38 KB International A study of the impacts on genetic stability in fish species as a result of large scale commercial fishing
Conover_2002_Evolution__Fisheries 151 KB International A DOC fish monitoring report looking at recovery in the Poor Knights marine reserve
Cudney-Bueno_2009_Rapid_Effects_of_Marine_Reserves_via_Larval__Dispersal 339.65 KB International Study of larval dispersal and implications for marine reserves
Edgar_2013_global_marine_reserve_design_5_key_features 4.37 MB International Review paper on the ecological evidence support design criteria for marine reserves and networks of marine protection
Fairweather_2009_Marine-Park-Science-in-NSW-An-Independent-Review 448.81 KB International Review paper of marine reserve monitoring surveys in NSW, Australia
Guisado_et_al_2011_Analysis_of_MR_size-age 832.85 KB International Effect of marine reserve size and age and recovery of marine life in the reserve
Halpern_2002_MRs_have_rapid_and_lasting_effects 99.04 KB International Global review of performance and benefits of marine reserves
Harasti_2015_Movement_of_snapper_in_NSW_marine_reserves 2.65 MB International Australian research example of crayfish movement in association with a marine reserce
Hilborn_2004_MR_help_fisheries 191.8 KB International Review discussion on benefits of marine reserves
Kerwath_et_al_2013_MPAs_increase_CPUE_in_fishery_outside 521.97 KB International Monitoring report tracking recovery in marine reserve, set in a network of marine reserve in South Africa
Leslie_2003_Phd_Thesis_MR_Design 1.63 MB International Case studies of marine design supported by use of Marxan software
Lester_et_al_2009_biological_effects_global_synthesis 143.61 KB International Review paper looking at the performance and benefits of marine reserves globally
OLeary_et_al-2016-Conservation_Letters_1 419.45 KB International Global marine reserve review paper
Pelletier_2008_MPA_Models_Indicators 152.59 KB International A study looking at modeling marine reserve effect
Reef_life_2015_Survey-Methods-Manual_15042013 3.97 MB International An Australian monitoring manual and system developed for temperate marine reserves
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